How to run your handmade scented candle business at the beginning stage?

I have simply sorted out 7 types of those people who just start his/her candle business. According to different occupations, I will provide you with some monetization ideas, then you can find out the most suitable method for you~

1. People who have corporate resources.
If you work in first-tier cities and companies as HR/administrators, planners, or purchasers, you can get in touch with different companies who hold corporate events constantly or prepare special holiday necessities. Then you can use your own resource advantages for business cooperation. You will get enterprise orders more easily than others.

2. E-commerce (B-C)
People who sell products via e-commerce platforms. Those people always have regular customers and stable resources. They know their customers very well and they can get the real needs of their customers. If you are just at the beginning stage, choose some normal styles as basic products then you can recommend some special styles with reasonable prices, that may make you more brilliant.

3. Customers with high consumption groups (personal customization)
If you are running a bakery, bridal shop, middle-aged/secondary luxury, or a beauty agency with high-consumer resources, you can make some custom-designed items based on private domain traffic. It’s good to make some special styles, such as styles that express emotions.

4. New media person
Usually, the people who like to share her / his life stories on social media platforms, who like to read, explore stores or take pictures. As long as you have any of these hobbies, you can make good use of them and promote your products at a low cost via online traffic. You can run your candle business and related services well. Of course, if you have lots of followers or know how to run a social media account, it will be a plus for the monetization of the product.

5. Office workers
Use fragments of time or weekends to set up stalls in local markets, and introduce existing customers and potential customers into the private domain. Newly traded customers always have a great potential to become your regular customers, please focus on developing these customers. At the same time, it is also possible to collect customer preferences and make something special they like. Then your reputation will get better and better.

6. Full-time mother
Full-time mothers always have a lot of community resources. There are many stay-at-home moms in the group. First, share it with other friends to promote good-looking candles for retail. You can price good ones and let your customers become your distributors. You can run the candle business easily at home in the early stage with less investment and then cooperate with local hand-made studios when your business grows in the later stage.

7. College students
Setting up stalls on campus for retailing provides great convenience for college students

1. Zero venue fee, no need to pay booth rent
2. Customers are by your side. A university has tens of thousands of students at least. Now, most young female college students like this kind of handmade scented candle. Good candle products can spread very quickly in the school. , what are you waiting for? Take action now!

Post time: Nov-30-2022