• Quality Control Process of Glass Bottle

    The forming process is the most important part of the whole manufacturing process. If you are a newbie, it’s okay, you can learn more useful information. 1, Temperature Management During the molding process, the mixed raw materials are melted in a hot melting furnace at 1600°C. Temperatures...
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  • How to run your handmade scented candle business at the beginning stage?

    I have simply sorted out 7 types of those people who just start his/her candle business. According to different occupations, I will provide you with some monetization ideas, then you can find out the most suitable method for you~ 1. People who have corporate resources. If you work in first-tier c...
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  • How glass jars are formed? —-Glass jars making process

    1, Ingredients The main materials of the glass jars are recycled glass, limestone, soda ash, silica sand, borax and dolomite. 2, Melting All glass batch mixture is fed to a furnace and heated to 1550-1600 degrees until it melts. The furnace runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. One furnace can ...
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